Friday, December 25, 2009

Sporting spectacles in 2010

2010 is just days away. And the purest form of human expression, sport, is all lined up in what promises to a wonderful year for the sports buff. Well, there exists an outlet for every known human being; a road that brings immense joy when travelled. For some it is films, for some it is music and for some it is reading. All of the aforesaid are activities that I indulge in very regularly, besides travel, friends and……sport.

Sport, to me, embodies the most supreme form of human expression. Victory and defeat, emotion and passion, courage and commitment all are unbridled and pure in sport, because sport is not scripted. And because of this truth being stranger than fiction, I have been a devotee since ever. So where, in 2010, would this devotee look forward to worship? Let me list it down for you.

Roger Federer Vs. Rafael Nadal:

2009 was a great year for Fedex. He won the French Open for the first time and regained Wimbledon. He also regained his world No.1 ranking. Now, I am a big Federer fan, but somehow I would have been happier to see him accomplish the aforesaid with Rafa being around. Injury put him out for the better part of 2009, but he is back and would come all guns blazing in 2010. I look forward to these two supreme gladiators slugging it out, for the No.1 ranking, for titles, making it a wonderful treat for lovers of this sport.

T20 Cricket World Cup:

Yes, the previous world cup of the shortest edition happened 9 months back, so another world cup sounds weird. Well, India playing 2 tests is also weird. IPL – 3 is certainly happening. However, there is no greater thrill than seeing the cricketers of India don the national colours and play for flag and country. Playing for a franchisee owned by cement barons, liquor barons, barons and movie stars is one thing; playing for the tri-colour is something else. C’mon India!!!

World Cup Football, South Africa:

The beautiful game would be played in its most superior form, in South Africa. The best nations would compete against each other to become crowned world champions. There will be passion, there will be thrill, there’ll be the agony of defeat and the joy of victory. All in all, it will be sport at its competitive best; and I will be watching it with the whole world. P.S. I am supporting Germany.

Michael Schumacher:

This is a dream come true. The greatest is coming back, after a gap of three years. Yes he would not race in a Ferrari, but I’d overlook that so long as Schumi races. It didn’t happen in 2009, but it will happen in 2010. Welcome back, Schumi, have the time of your life. The fans will surely love every moment; for Michael Schumacher gunning past the racing line is a sight for the gods.

These would be the sporting moments I look forward to in 2010 and, once the year is over, remember fondly. Bring it on!!!